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The access licence provides the holder with the following benefits:

  1. Non-exclusive access to a holding area that is reserved for holders of access licences; and
  2. Two (2) hours free parking in our Long Stay Saver Car Park per day.

Any shuttle bus, hire car, or limousine company who wish to take advantage of the licence may apply.

Download the Newcastle Airport access licence:

Newcastle Airport Pty Limited site access licence 2018

Site access licence application form

Frequently asked questions about the Newcastle Airport site access licence

A plan with these areas marked up will be supplied with each individual Licence issued.

Should you wish to utilise an invoiced car park payment system (ie for hours over and above two per day) and then do not clear any arrears within a given timeframe, this clause will come into effect.

The User Pay System will be commencing once our infrastructure is completed. The Access Licence is our interim system while we complete the roadwork and car park works required to cope with our increasing passenger numbers.

No. The two hours free parking is a per day item. The cards to access the car park will function on a date basis. You will receive the two hours parking, to be used as suits your pick-up purposes. Any unused parking hours do not transfer to the next day. Any extended usage will require normal payment.

This is again the choice of your Company. It will be up to you if you decide to Licence all of the vehicles, or if you decide to Licence some and allow the others to simply park in the car parks for non-regular work.

Holders of an Access Licence will be invited to tender for the provision of commissionable product through the Information Desk.

The Head Lease is our agreement with Department of Defence. Persons who take up the opportunity of an Access Licence by completion of the form attached will be given a copy of the relevant documentation.

The draft licence that we posted on the website for you all to look at is simply a draft. Once we receive an application by an interested Company, that contains the relevant information we requested on the website, we will complete individual licences for you and submit them for approval by our Governing body. The commencement date will thereby be 12 months from the date you are accepted as an Access Licence holder. These dates may vary depending on when you apply and are accepted.

The charge of $330 for one vehicle equates to a charge of $0.90 cents per day. An amount that is cheaper than utilising the car park every time you access the site. Any revenues from any organisation on the precinct are reinvested in infrastructure to better serve our visitors and business partners.

We are not enforcing the use or purchase of an Access Licence. Our car parking facilities are in place for those operators who wish to utilise them, or who have their major business in other areas. What an Access Licence will give you, while our car park works are being completed, is the right to pick-up or drop-off from the marked up areas at the front of the terminal. Should you not have an Access Licence you are welcome to park in the car parks (at normal passenger rates) and walk in to the terminal to meet your passengers to take back with you to your vehicle.

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